We keep your hard earned $$ safe!

Bookkeeping has gone far beyond the days of the lonely bookkeeper with a stack of papers and a calculator. Today’s bookkeeping is all about multiple streams of financial information coming together; charted, calculated and displayed for up-to-the-moment financial views of the company.

At Quiñones & Co., Inc. our expertise in QuickBooks goes far beyond just entering data and balancing your cash-in and expense-out columns. We provide constant management of your financial world. We red-flag small problems that might have gone unnoticed until they became big problems. We provide you with financial insight to your company that you may have never even considered. Our services include a wide range of a monthly review of your books, annual bookkeeping to a complete overhaul, review and cleanup of your QuickBooks entries. Learn more about our QuickBooks services HERE.

  • We offer different packages tailored to your specific budget.
  • We take extra time to discuss all your issues, questions and concerns.
  • We assist you in getting your materials ready for us to review…no mater how complicated.
  • We are always on time and on deadline. No excuses! No delays!
  • We offer ideas and feedback to support the growth of your business