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It is the one dreaded letter than NO business owner likes to receive…AUDIT! If you’re like most people the word itself sends shivers up your financial spine. However, the simple fact is that just about every business owner will be audited at some point. Is it a problem? Not to us! We represent business owners all the time with IRS, employment tax, and sales tax audits. While audits can terrify business owners and even tax preparers alike, at Quiñones & Co., Inc. we have turned audit defense into an art form. We are proud that our expert defense of audits even brings us several clients per month from other tax preparers who are aware of our solid reputation in this area. Regardless of the industry or size of a business Quiñones & Co., Inc. continually puts the taxman in his place! As for our own on-going clients, our diligent work in the areas of their taxes and bookkeeping means that they rarely receive the dreaded audit letter. Our unique understanding of handling audits include:


  • IRS Proposed Assessment Notices
  • Several years of unfiled accounting and tax returns
  • IRS audits of the self-employed
  • Board of Equalization sales tax audits
  • Innocent Spouse petitions
  • Installment Agreements on back taxes owed
  • Offers in Compromise


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