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At Quiñones & Co., Inc. we are proud of how our hard work supports the financial growth and prosperity of our clients. We know that the accounting business is never a one-size-fits all industry. The needs of our clients vary greatly. While some clients only need tax services, others want us fully immersed in their company where we are literally acting as their very own personal CFO.


That’s why we created three simple packages that allow our clients to pick the system that works best for them; either as individuals or for their company at large. We want to make it easy for you to start working with us right away, WITHOUT the concern that our services are going to be too costly.


We know that some accounting firms are just looking to get you in the door so they can start piling service fees upon service fees. Our approach is quite the opposite. We let you know exactly what services you’ll be getting up front and what the associated costs are going to be well before we open your books. That way there are no surprises…well, except for the excellent service that you are going to get. In fact, most of our clients find the only surprise is that we tend to provide them with more services than what they’re actually paying for. The reason is we love accounting and love giving our clients several times their money’s worth.


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Starter Package : “I just need to get my individual and small business taxes done right.” (The annual business and/or personal tax preparation)


Advanced Package : “I need help on a monthly or quarterly basis with my accounting and/or payroll.” (This allows us to help you more frequently as your business grows)


Premium Package : “I am ready to take my business to the next level and want ongoing consultation and support.” (Simply stated, we become your company’s virtual CFO.)