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Payroll Services

Your Labor Dept. concerns are over!

Bookkeeping has gone far beyond the days of the lonely bookkeeper with a stack of papers and a calculator. Today’s bookkeeping is all about multiple streams of financial information coming together; charted, calculated and displayed for up-to-the-moment financial views of the company..


While there are many payroll services available to you, a payroll service provider can only see a small part of your entire business picture. Mistakes are easy to make. At Quiñones & Co., Inc. we are experts in handling any and all payroll issues. Moreover, when clients choose to package their bookkeeping AND payroll management with us, we can provide them with a much broader view of their own financial structure. We can offer expert advice that the average and national payroll services simply cannot give. We perform payroll services directly in-house, not in some giant central office. We get to know your business personally and can therefore ask the hard questions to make sure that you are compliant and therefore avoid facing a serious inquiry from the Labor Department.


Our specialties in handling your payroll services include:

  • We offer different packages tailored to your specific budget.
  • We take extra time to discuss all your issues, questions and concerns.
  • Revealing little-know payroll problems that are often overlooked by other services.
  • Payroll services coordinate with your entire business when we service your accounting needs as well.
  • We offer a “just-pick-up-the-phone” policy around any questions you may have.