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What the steering wheel is to your automobile, QuickBooks is to your business finances. It can help guide the direction of your company’s profits by providing you with up-to-the-moment views of your financial world. While infinitely helpful, QuickBooks is also perhaps the most complicated tool ever unleashed on the business world. Most business owners using QuickBooks on their own only utilize about 10% of its true capabilities. Understanding how to put QuickBooks to work for your business is a Quiñones & Co., Inc. specialty! We offer a variety of QuickBooks service and consultation packages to provide your business with the exact level of assistance you require.


Our QuickBooks Service Plans


QuickBooks installation and setup of basic Chart of Accounts $175

We help you select the right version of QuickBooks to purchase, get your QuickBooks installed, and setup a basic Chart of Accounts for your type of business. No consultation or training.


QuickBooks half-day training session $350

We train you to use the basic day-to-day and month-to-month data entry, reconciliation, checking your own work, and generating invoices, statements and reports necessary to run your business. This saves you from taking months-long courses or reading hundreds of pages of manuals and pulling your hair out in the process.


QuickBooks year-end review and tune-up package $350
You’re doing your own accounting but it doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. This is a professional review of your entire QuickBooks system. We sit with you an entire half-day reviewing your general ledger accounts in detail, answering your questions. We not only make sure your entries follow the best practices but also make sure they are properly classified to be as tax-effective as possible. We are available to help you over the phone with remote access or onsite.


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