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Tax Preparation

Business or Individual. We’re on it!

Tax laws are getting more complicated every year. Just keeping up with the laws is not enough. You have to understand their intricacies and how to navigate them. Imagine having to drive to work every day on roads that are constantly changing and you will get a sense of how complicated the U.S. tax laws can be! At Quiñones & Co., Inc. we know how to navigate the streets of this ever-changing roadmap. We use the changes in tax laws to our clients’ benefit; to reduce their tax load by finding larger write-offs while staying completely off the radar of tax auditors. Our specialized understanding of tax preparation includes:

  • Enterprize Zone Credits-Federal & State
  • Trust and estate tax return laws
  • Tax planning for challenging life situations (including death, divorce, sale of real estate and businesses)
  • Tax planning for acquisition of real estate
  • Planning when it is time to incorporate your business
  • Specialization in 1099 contractor tax laws