::: Taxes for Individuals :::

It is a fact…the American employee is working harder than ever before. These days, jobs are more stressful while providing less take home pay. The worst part? Uncle Sam is digging deeper into our pockets! At Quiñones & Co., Inc. we think you should keep as much of your money as possible! We work hard to provide BIG tax refunds for our clients. There are a lot of tax preparers out there but few have the experience, expertise and deep knowledge of exactly how the American Tax Law operates. We study every little nook and cranny of the tax Code in order to get our clients the biggest refunds legally possible.


  • Our tax preparers all have at least a decade of experience in individual tax preparation
  • We use IRS Certified “Enrolled Agents” or Certified Public Accountants. (Much more knowledgeable than standard tax preparers)
  • We have a specialization in preparing taxes for apartment and commercial property owners
  • We provide our clients the highest refunds possible within the law.
  • We have one of the highest referral rates. We usually end up preparing the taxes for generations of families and their friends.


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